Hi, I’m Lydia and I Create Things

I have been creating art professionally for over 10 years and absolutely love my job. Check out my work below by jumping into my portfolios.

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Fine Art

Working with interior designers and design studios for nearly 10 years now, I love nothing more than to create paintings for beautiful spaces.

My work has found itself all over the world from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It hangs in homes, office spaces, palaces, galleries and cafes.

My work is inspired by my travels to the remote and rugged landscapes of places such as Iceland, Scotland and Northumbria.

Botanical Designs

Most of my design work has been for interiors and stationary. I also work with musicians and authors to create the artwork for their new releases. I work in mixed media and digitally from my studio and love to create work inspired by the culture and architecture when I am travelling.

My Latest Projects

I have started a new project! After going to Iceland in 2015 and being so inspired by that magical place, I am going back at the end of September 2021.

This time I am headed to the north to get lots of new inspiration for an upcoming exhibition I am working towards next year. I am vlogging my processes as I prepare to go and I’ll be posting new updates regularly, from experimenting with canvas prep to working with colour palettes.

Check out my blog page and Instagram page to see my latest.

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