Surface Pattern Design Portfolio

Welcome my surface design portfolio, thanks for dropping in! Here you’ll find my collections and designs for fabric, gift wrap, stationary and luxury packaging. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are interested in collaborating or licensing any of my designs, I’d love to hear from you! You can send a message through my contact page.

Boho Green Collection

I love colour theory, it tells us so much about how we perceive the world. It’s not hard to see that my favourite colour is green. It’s the colour of the natural world and represents tranquility. It triggers a sense of peace and space, time slows down and we have a moment to breathe. It’s been proven that plant life in our homes reduces stress and improves mental health. This collection is a representation of organic shapes of nature in a simplistic color palette, great for interior designs and stationery.

Tropical Collection

I live locally to RHS Wisley, a stunning botanical garden that has 240 acres of thousands of different species of plant life. My favorite area to explore is the glass house, a tropical greenhouse of plants, flowers, and trees that you would never get to see in the UK in an ordinary garden or in the English countryside. Being around tropical plants transports me into another world and inspires me to see beyond my own immediate world and to travel and explore new cultures and landscapes. These designs bring a splash of that colour and excitement onto beautiful packaging, gift wrapping and stationary.

Summertime Botanicals

This mini collection is painted in watercolor and brings a summer vibe. I moved from London to the Surrey Hills in 2017, and I instantly felt the big difference in the intensity of the seasons. The winters feel longer, but when Spring and Summer roll around, everything explodes into life. There are wildflowers, leafy trees, and rolling hills everywhere you turn. These designs look great in luxury packaging and stationery.

Inking Collection

India ink has been my favourite medium as an artist ever since I first used it back in 2014. It has so many factets to it, it can be deep and intense and translucent and ethereal. From ink spatters to washes, this collection brings a traditional feel that looks great on paper-based products like stationery and gift wrap.

Dried Flower Collection

Dried flowers are elegant and long-lasting, they preserve beauty and enable you to stop time and keep a token of a season long after it’s past. I have so many in my house and am forever hanging up fresh flowers on bookshelves to dry to prolong their life. I use them a lot in my artwork, in gelli plate printing and cyanotypes, as a way of keeping a memory.

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