My Work

I work with Oil Paints, Watercolour and Ink and occasionally add mixed media such as sand! I carry a sketch pad and pens and my iPad Pro for Illustration whenever I am travelling so I can get as many ideas down as possible.

Recent travels have taken me to Iceland, The Isle Of Harris, Northumbria, Lundy and Bardsey Island, Barcelona, Lisbon, France and many more!

I have been working as an Illustrator and surface pattern designer for the last four years and love doing both Art and design alongside each other.

Oil Paintings

I have been painting abstract landscapes for 11 years now, ever since I went to Iceland for the first time and saw the incredible light, shapes and colours of the sky and land in the south. Following that trip I spent the next year travelling to remote and wild parts of the United Kingdom and creating work from those trips. Every piece of work I do has a suggested vast expanse of sky and rugged land. My colour palettes are usually in blues, greens, browns, whites and yellows and I paint with palette knives and brushes.

Botanical Designs

I work in mixed media such as gel plate printing, watercolour and ink to create botanical designs. Click below to see more…

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