Remote Britain: The Isle Of Harris

This year I am travelling around the UK with my brothers and my sister to see and paint the remote places of the UK, together we make up the team of Remote Britain! Our team is made up of a photographer (Chris Orange), film maker (Matt Sutton) a researcher and blogger (Ellie Orange) and me, an artist. Promoted by Visit Britain, our aim is to capture these beautiful places in these different mediums and hopefully increase the tourism by publicising it all online. You follow us on Twitter here @Remote_Britain and check out our website here!
Our first location was The Isle Of Harris! Being on the Outer Hebrides in January, the weather is very dramatic to go with the dramatic landscape. In the same day we had sun, snow, rain, hail and 56 mph winds to go to sleep to at night!
On the first day on the Island we visited the beaches, some of which had white sand and turquoise water; in the words of Robin Mckelvie in his article, ‘7 Must-Visit Places In Scotland You’ve Probably Never Heard Of‘ these beaches compared to that of the Caribbean! (Minus the heat and palm trees…).
The beaches in Borve were particularly stunning, the effect the changeable weather had on the skies and the light was incredible to watch and the clouds were constantly moving at high speed, creating swirls and dramatic colours in the sky…
Borve Beach At Sunset 1, Watercolour


Borve Beach At Sunset 2, Watercolour

Borve Rock, Watercolour and India Ink
I loved the beautiful rock formations that covered the beaches and cliffs, making jagged edges like an earthy coloured jigsaw puzzle. I used watercolour and black india ink to create the stark contrast between the sand and the rocks.