Remote Britain: Lindisfarne

Our Remote Britain trip to Northumbria was so great! It was the sixth trip and we have one left, location to be confirmed 🙂 A famous gem in Northumbria is The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, full of history which makes for a profound atmosphere. It was intimately connected to early christianity of the 7th Century, King Oswald summund an Irish Monk, Aidan to Lindisfarne and together with his companions they lived on the Island and crossed the causeway everyday to pray and minister to Northumbria.

It’s a unique place, if you haven’t been, definitely go! The landscape is a vast expanse of water and sky with colour spilling in every direction and reflecting off the water. Very inspiring. I’m working on a series of abstract pieces based on different times of the day looking at how the light changes the island landscape.

Lindisfarne 1, Oil On Canvas

Lindersfarne Oil On Canvas 60x46x3cm

Twice a day the water rises and covers the causeway, completely cutting it off. We watched the water and stayed as long as we could until the water gathered around our feet!

Remote Britain: Northumbria from Lydia Orange on Vimeo. Shot by Chris Orange Photography.

I am working on painting the refuge box on the Causeway, which is there for the sole purpose of providing shelter for anyone who gets stranded when the  tide comes in. There have been occasions when cars have been sighted drifting away out to sea! Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful against the sunset, I love the purpose of it being a place of refuge.


The colours at sunset are incredible. The weather can often be very bleak and wet making the landscape very dramatic, the golden sun pierces through the grey’s and dark blues making the land almost ethereal.

Lindisfarne Water Time-lapse from Lydia Orange on Vimeo. Shot by Chris Orange Photography.

So look out for more paintings from Lindisfarne very soon!