Remote Britain: Hartland, Sky

For our March trip we went to Hartland in North Devon. We had been before on a family holiday and it had made such an impression on us. Spekes House is on a steep incline on the land between a valley and the cliffs leading into the Atlantic Ocean.

Spekes House

Spekes House

The view from this remote house is stunning overlooking the valley on one side and the sea on the other.

As we arrived the sun was sinking fast and golden hour was spilling across the land and sea. The clouds were huge, like hovering spaceships! They changed colour as the sun sank.

Hartland Cloud, India Ink

Hartland Cloud

Sunset Over Hartland, Oil On Canvas

Sunset Over Hartland (small file)

The landscape of sea and rolling hills stretches without only a few remote cottages scattered across it, this makes the sky and clouds feel vast and open. I love catching the moments when the sky meets the land on the horizon.

Hartland Fields, Oil On Canvas

Hartland Fields