Remote Britain: Callanish

Callanish is a one of the main tourist attractions on Harris, the Standing Stones are extraordinary. Scattered around the Island are sets of these Standing Stones, alike to Stone Henge. Callanish has three different sites, Callanish 1 being the main and largest one.
The stones are believed to have been erected 4,500-5000 years ago by a religious cult. They are in a cross shape on a grassy mound and underneath the ground is a tomb. Historic Scotland¬†writes that our best guess is that it served as some kind if astronomical observatory. How cool is that! It isn’t only impressive in its rich history, but the view is incredibly beautiful. We watched the sunrise from the Stones as they cast shadows on the ground. While the sun was rising we were watching the snow clouds rapidly moving over the Island so that right in front of us we could see two completely contrasting forms of weather!

Callanish Sunrise from Lydia Orange on Vimeo.

Looking at this I knew that this one had to be Oils!
Sunrise On Callanish, Oil On Canvas
Sunrise On Callanish
I used charcoal to sketch two solitary Standing Stones on another part of the Island in Braeclet, I like the idea of using an earthy and rustic medium for such an ancient subject matter!
Standing Stones, Charcoal
Standing Stones charcoal