Remote Britain: Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island! Attracting artists, musicians and writers for centuries with its rich history of legends, being known as the “Island of 20,000 saints”, the claim to be the burial site of King Arthur, smugglers and pirates, we decided to do a day trip! Only 2.5km in length, you can easily walk around the whole Island and see everything is 4 hours. The fast boat picked us up from Aberdaron (North Wales) and we had a 30 minute trip to Bardsey, seeing seals, puffins and even a porpus on the way! 

Having a population of 4, (thats right I said 4) the Island is mostly cliffs and rolling green hills. The Lighthouse being one of the only man made structures in sight, it acts as the compass of the Island and can be seen from almost everywhere. I love lighthouses and am always searching for the perfect one to paint in a storm! Although I wouldn’t say I found this in the Bardsey lighthouse, it definitely interested me. I thought it would make the perfect setting for a children’s book!

Bardsey Lighthouse, India Ink



There is a ruggedness to the Island in the untouched and remoteness, surrounded on all sides by cliffs and the ocean you feel very far away from the rest of the world. Definitely a great place to go for some space and peace! In May, colonies of birds are nesting, from puffins to red-billed choughs.

Bardsey Island, India Ink

Bardsey Island