Painting Plein Air


Painting Plein Air (the fancy french word for outside), takes some planning, but is totally worth it! Painting from photos inside the safety of your studio seems like the obvious everyday option, especially when you live in England, the land of unpredictable weather. However there is something that comes alive in your work when you see with 3D,not just 2D. If lugging your easel and oil paints to your local forest is just not an option for you, don’t cast the idea aside! Sketching outside is just as useful and of course, a lot more portable.

I’v made a check list of things I found I needed for oil painting outside, so if you haven’t ventured before I hope this is useful…

  • Easal
  • Oil Paints (make sure you have every colour you need)
  • Paint brushes and Pallet Knives
  • Towel/Rag (to wipe brushes and wrap them in after for the journey home)
  • A plastic bag to put the wet brushes and Towel/Rag in
  • Canvas
  • Linseed Oil
  • White Spirit in a small jar (just incase you need)
  • Umbrella (if it’s likely to rain)
  • Bottle Of Water
  • Flask Of Tea (essential)
  • Layers of clothing to adapt to the weather
  • A picnic chair (Optional)
  • A Picnic blanket
  • A Rucksack to put all this in as you will need both hands to hold your wet oil painting at the end of the day!

Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon, April 13th 2016

Plein Air Painting 2