Iceland Project 2.0: Working With Ink Pens

So, the journey begins and I need to think about the kind of work I want to be making once I get back from my trip to Iceland. My initial ideas are big oil landscapes full of texture and small Ink sketches of mountains on textured paper.

So today, I started with the Ink.

Japanese Sumi and Inking Techniques

It’s hard to ignore the mountain ranges in Iceland, they surround you most of the time, with gushing waterfalls and snowcapped peaks. They have been shaped and reshaped by the harsh elements and some have been there for 10-16 million years (Westfjords).

They have the ability to give us perspective and a sense of peace. So, when in Iceland, let’s draw mountains!

To work out the best way to draw mountains when I’m on the road, I’m experimenting with a brush pen to see what techniques I can make with it.

Check out this video to see how this panned out…

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