Iceland Project 2.0: So It Begins

Ever since going to Iceland in 2015, I’ve been dreaming and scheming to get myself back there. It was one of the most life-changing 3 days of my life and to this day, 6 years later I am still creating work from the landscapes, skyscapes, and colours I saw. Glaciers, lagoons, black sand, dark blue icebergs, luminous green northern lights, pink skies, and hot cider šŸ™‚ It changed the course of my path as an artist and inspired me to keep creating abstract landscapes that capture even just a little piece of that incredible part of the world.

I am very excited to say that on the 27th of September (in 5 weeks!) I am heading back to Iceland to explore the North! Together with my brother, sister, and my nephew we are doing a 4-day road trip and I’ll be filling up on inspiration and ideas for a new body of work to eventually exhibit once it’s all finished.

I’ll be sharing my journey from start to finish on my blog, Instagram, and youtube channel. My processes, experiments, hopefully, some wins and I’m sure a lot of mistakes and trial and errors, the trip and creating the work when I get back.

I’m working all this out as I go so I’d love you to join me on a fun and probably somewhat rocky journey!

Thanks for reading,


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