Iceland Project 2.0: Watercolour Brush Pens

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on what time of the day you stumble upon this post 🙂

I have had a great few days experimenting with pens for my Iceland trip. The Japanese Pentel Brush Pen is definitely a winner and is coming with me, I now just need to order a million ink cartridges as I’m sure I will fill a whole sketch pad with scribbles! (And I fully anticipate only 5% of them will be worth using 😉 My drawing technique can get kind of wild when I am on location!) However, as it is waterproof, there’s no possibility of washes. So, today I’m experimenting with Zig Art & Graphic Twin watercolour brush pens.

Here’s how it went…

All in all, I really love these pens, they do take practice though. Understanding where to add the water is trial and error, but once you find the right places on the lines it can transform the sketch into a watercolour. It’s easy to go too far and once a mark is done, it’s done, so taking your time is key. I think they will be coming with me for the journey.

Next time I am starting to experiment with canvas prep and textures, it will be messy I’m sure so don’t miss out on the fun 🙂

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