Iceland 2015: The Northern Lights

We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights twice in only 3 days! Before I went to Iceland I had researched the Aura and couldn’t wait to see the intense colours in the sky like I had seen in photos, I didn’t realise that with your naked eye you dont actually see that level of colour. Being with two excellent photographers meant that we got to see what was really happening up there with the amazing power of the long exposure!


The Milkyway is a phenomena that always demands everyones attention when its visible, alongside the Aurua it’s pretty mind blowing. My first attempt to get my ideas on paper after seeing this was with watercolours in the hotel inbetween Aura watches, which happened at all hours of the night!

Milkyway, Watercolour

I love the way the different beams of colour shoot out from behind the horizon and move inbetween each other, almost like a genie in a bottle!

The Northern Lights, Watercolour
Northern Lights

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