About Me

Growing up in a family of artists, singers, and musicians, art seemed to make a lot of sense to me as a child. Watching my grandad carefully paint in detail with oils and my mum sketching wildly and sculpting beautiful and abstract designs, I quickly realised that art had so many faces.

However contrasting these faces are, they all come from a place of inspiration and imagination.

As a child I began with illustrating my favourite stories, spending hours and hours creating my impressions of the world of C.S Lewis’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ and Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of The Rings.’

Visiting the mountains of The Lake District when I was thirteen made a lifetime impression me, I have been painting landscapes ever since!

Most of my artwork is based on places I have been to, from Iceland to Lisbon to the Outer Hebrides and the list goes on and will continue!

You can follow my adventures on my blog.

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